Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

You customize your trip on Safari.Africa and send a request directly to a local safari expert. Within 48 hrs (workdays) you will receive a quote and a program directly from them.

Does it cost anything to make an inquiry?

No, it is 100% free for you to use Safari.Africa and send a request. It’s also non binding.

What will happen after I submit my request?

Within 48 hrs (workdays) you will receive a quote for your requested program.

How will I be contacted?

You will be contacted via e-mail or phone, by the local safari expert.

Who do I book the trip from?

When you book a program you book directly with the local safari agent. No middlemen.

What happens if my international flight departs earlier?

A scheduled flight will be booked for you which brings you back earlier. There is no extra charge for this scheduled flight; please bear in mind that there is no refund either for the unused seat on the SkySafari aircraft.

What is the earliest international flight that I can book on the last day?

If you prefer to return on the SkySafari aircraft, the earliest international flights you can book are those that depart at 20:30 or later. If you depart earlier than that, we will book you on a scheduled flight. The earliest international departure you can book is then 15:00. These timings apply to both Kenya and Tanzania.

Are the transfers on the last day included, even if I don’t fly back on the SkySafari Aircraft?

Yes they are.

How many nights can I extend in the Serengeti or Masai Mara?

As many as you would like.

Can I combine Tanzania with Kenya?

Absolutely, this will provide the ultimate African experience. Please contact us for a special discount.

Are park fees included?

Park fees are not included in our rates but they are a mandatory supplement and will reflect on your invoice separately.

Are there any other taxes or surcharges?

VAT is included in all our rates and park fees. The Tanzanian Government charges a Tourism Development Levy of US$1.50 per person per night, which will be added to your invoice as a separate item. The Zanzibar Government charges Zanzibar Infrastructure Levy of US$1.00 per person per night for any accommodation on Zanzibar, which will be added to your invoice as a separate item.

What is the luggage limit?

20kg for main luggage and 2kg for hand luggage. SkySafari has a weight limit for luggage of 20kg and 2kg hand luggage.

What happens if I book one of your extensions whereby we travel on a scheduled flight?

Scheduled flights have a weight limit for luggage of 15kg. It is possible to store extra luggage at Arusha Coffee Lodge or our Nairobi office free of charge while you carry on with your extension. At the end of your trip we will ensure you are reunited with your luggage in either Arusha or Nairobi.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for travelers on SkySafari?

No there isn’t, we welcome people of all ages. Children of all ages are allowed; we do suggest that children of the ages of 5 years and up seem to get the most out of their experience. For families with young children we suggest that you book Exclusive Vehicle Use so that you have the flexibility to enjoy your safari activities at your own pace. There is no upper age limit. We do ask you to let us know in advance if your guests are physically challenged or less-abled.

I have a knee/back problem, can I still come on safari?

Absolutely! Please do let us know in advance so that we can book rooms closest to the main areas for you. Please bear in mind that there are steps in many of our lodges and camps. Our SkySafari eliminates long road transfers between lodges as these transfers take place in our SkySafari aircraft. However, game drives are conducted in the National Parks and Conservancies and the roads can be bumpy and one spends several hours on game drives each day.

My mother is in a wheelchair, can she come with me?

Yes, we would love to welcome her. Please bear in mind that there are few facilities for handicapped/less-abled people in Tanzania and Kenya, but if your mother doesn’t mind being carried into the game drive vehicle and to her room, then she will take home memories to last a lifetime.

What is the best time to come on safari?

There is no best time, each season has its own special features. Travel in the rainy season (Mar-May and Oct-Nov) and the landscape is beautifully green, the dust has settled and there are fewer visitors on safari. The grass is fertile and tall which makes spotting game more challenging but rewarding. The remainder of the year is called the dry season, when there is less water available so animals tend to congregate around the water sources, making game spotting easier. This season also attracts more visitors on safari.

Is there Wi-Fi on the SkySafari?

The main areas of all the lodges and camps offer free Wi-Fi. Please bear in mind that the Wi-Fi in East Africa is not lightning fast.

I am lactose intolerant/require gluten-free meals/allergic to peanuts/vegan. Can you cater for this?

Yes, our chefs have been specially trained to deal with many different types of dietary requirements. The chefs will personally discuss your upcoming meals with you. Please also be sure to notify us of dietary requirements when making your booking.

I have Sleep Apnea and use a CPAP machine which requires electricity throughout the night. Do all the lodges have 24-hour electricity?

Yes they do. Bringing a CPAP machine is not a problem, and we will ensure that your machine is plugged in.