Our Impact

We believe positive impact in the surroundings is important to be able create a sustainable tourism industry. That's why we support The Land & Life Foundation.

The future generations

Great love and concern for the preservation and protection of wildlife cannot happen without understanding wildlife. To understand the significance of raising a new breed of conservationists who will mobilize communities in Africa’s most vulnerable protected areas and species and to encourage and persuade communities we work with to protect Africa’s wildlife for future generations.

The wildlife

We have partnered with Land and Life Foundation. Their Warrior Program currently boasts a membership of 2,200 children both in Kenya and Tanzania. With amazing activities such as essay writing, drama, fine art, poetry and trivia, the Wildlife Warrior Club supports learning across the age groups to enhance creativity, problem solving, and assertive wildlife conservation.

Nature Walk in Tarangire

Local benefits

For the natural environments and wildlife in East Africa to be preserved, it is of the essence that we extend notable and feasible benefits to the locals living around the conservation areas. We understand the need for good education and health services that are inadequate within the community due to lack of proper infrastructure, essentials and adequate skilled labour.

Give it forward

You can play an important role in this matter by mobilizing funds or by becoming a donor. To sponsor students or support with the requirements for supplies and facilities makes a big difference. We are here to assist you. These donations also go a long way in offering the much-needed training of the labour force.