Sitting astride the equator, Kenya offers unique experience. A contrast and diversity that offers volcanic landscapes, majestic mountain peaks, deep blue ocean, white sandy beaches, fascinating woodlands, supports abundant and varied wildlife. Kenya is known for the Big five and the great wildebeest migration I Masai Mara. Also known for its world record breaking athletes, rich biodiversity and great weather all year.

Kenya is located in East Africa, situated right along the Equator. The country is famed for its unique and scenic landscapes from highlands to glaciers, Laikipia Plateau, Mt Kenya, the dramatic Great Rift Valley, vast wildlife preserves with varied wildlife of scientific and economic value like the big five. The Maasai Mara reserve is known for its annual wildebeest migration while Amboseli National Park offer amazing views of Mt Kilimanjaro 5,895m in Tanzania. The Indian Ocean coast provides rich history on how the Arabs and Asian traders entered the continent. The country encopasses pristine beaches, scenic highlands and lake regions.

When to visit Kenya

Deciding when to visit Kenya entirely lies with your interest. Kenya is considered a year round destination for both safaris and beach holidays. Most safaris are best when the climate is mild, mostly dry and game viewing at its peak.

That is between January and the end of March. However, a choice to visit the country for the Masai Mara wildebeest migration mid July and late October would be the best time. The moderate to equatorial temperatures mean that you are comfortable during game drives and other outdoor activities.

Long dry season is followed by a short rainy season in November and December. This increases the amount of vegetation in the wilderness making the animals more dispersed. Whilst the weather in Kenya ensures a pleasing trip anytime of year, some wildlife events occur only at specific times. Only the peak of the ‘long rains’ in March, April and May are very wet.

Activities in Kenya

What to do in Kenya

Night Game Drive

Explore the wilderness by night

Bush Dinner

Dinner in the wild

Bush breakfast

See the sunrise


Catch the sunset

Horse riding

Enjoy a horse riding tour

Camel Riding

Enjoy the wilderness

Maasai Village Visit

Meet the Maasai tribe


Relax in the spa

Balloon Safaris

Explore the wilderness from above

Visit a local project

Life & Land Foundation

Game drive

4x4 vehicle safari

Walking safari

Tracking safari on foot