Kiri Camp

The camp is raised on wooden decks to give one a view of the mighty Kiri floodplains which stretch out in front of the camp.

About Kiri Camp

Kiri Camp derives its name from the majestic Kiri channel that flows adjacent to the island where the camp is located. The camp’s raised wooden decks offer breathtaking views of the expansive Kiri floodplains. The luxury tents are meticulously designed to blend in with the surrounding ebony forest, incorporating elements of wood, canvas, and reeds in their construction.

Kiri Camp is the ultimate destination for wildlife enthusiasts, offering both water activities and game drives. Based on a private concession, these activities take you to some of the most remote areas in the delta, previously inaccessible to visitors. During peak flood times, you can take a motorboat ride to witness iconic wildlife from the river, including the renowned lion and buffalo interactions and rare wild dog sightings. You can also glide through the tranquil water lilies on quiet mokoros, observing the wildlife from below as you sail along at water level height.

For a serene and quiet experience of the Okavango, take a mokoro safari, where an experienced poler will take you through the shallower waters of the delta. Explore the islands around the camp, and return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Game drives are conducted in the mornings and afternoons, lasting about three hours each. You will be taken along the river systems and flood plains around the camp, with excellent chances of spotting larger predators, elephant and buffalo herds, and other plains animals. Night drives are also conducted in the early evening, providing an opportunity to see the smaller, more elusive nocturnal animals with spotlights.

Walking safaris are another popular activity, conducted in the mornings with armed guides. The leisurely walks offer a chance to observe the smaller things in the bush that are often missed while driving. The timing of walking safaris depends on the weather and the condition of the terrain.

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