Liwonde National Park

Located at the southern tip of Lake Malombe, Liwonde National Park is a small but immensely popular game reserve in southern Malawi. The Shire River, Malawi’s main river, runs along its western boundary and is the lifeblood of the park. Liwonde offers an abundant array of wildlife, including hippos, kudus, crocodiles, black rhinos, and elephants, making it one of Malawi’s top wildlife viewing destinations. Birdwatchers, in particular, will delight in spotting the Pel’s fishing owl.

There are many exciting activities on offer for visitors, including excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, boating and canoeing safaris, and overnight stays at well-positioned safari camps. For those who enjoy exploring on foot, Liwonde is a must-visit destination.

Malawi is known as the “Warm Heart of Africa”, and the friendly and welcoming nature of the Malawian people truly lives up to this name. Visitors can comfortably explore market scenes, roadside stalls, and cottage industries. With its stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage, Malawi is an excellent country to drive in and explore.

Wilderness of Malawi

Embark on an 11-day adventure to Malawi and discover the breathtaking wilderness of the Majete Wildlife Reserve, Liwonde National Park, and Nkhotakota. Malawi is a country that truly lives up to its nickname as the “Warm Heart of Africa,” with the Malawian people renowned for their exceptional friendliness and welcoming nature. Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife of Malawi as you explore the country’s most iconic national parks and wildlife reserves. Experience the thrill of spotting elephants, lions, hippos, and other incredible animals in their natural habitats. Take a peaceful walking safari or a thrilling game drive, and marvel at the beauty of Malawi’s unspoiled wilderness.

Jewels of Malawi

This is a 9 – day journey through Malawi. This country may be one of Africa’s smallest countries but when it comes to exploration and adventure, it has tremendous amounts to offer; from grasslands and forests, mountaintops, unspoilt wildlife parks to Africa’s third largest and most beautiful Lake! Enjoy game drives, walking safaris & boat safari in Majete Wildlife Reserve and Liwonde National Park before you continue to the famous Lake Malawi. Malawi is known as the “Warm Heart of Africa” and as people, the Malawians live up to this name. They are extremely friendly and welcoming.