Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park is found to the north of Zimbabwe and lies on the lower reaches of the great Zambezi River.

About Mana Pools National Park

Located in the northern region of Zimbabwe, Mana Pools National Park rests on the lower section of the great Zambezi River, opposite the lower Zambezi National Park on the Zambian side. This park, being the first Biosphere Reserve in Zimbabwe, offers an exceptional safari experience in one of the most remote regions of the country. Its diverse range of wildlife includes large herds of elephant, buffalo, endangered wild dogs, lions, elusive leopards, cheetahs, and spotted hyenas.

Mana Pools’ unique typography, rainfall, and vegetation create an ideal environment for an unforgettable game viewing experience. The network of pools along the Zambezi River offers one of the highest concentrations of wild dogs in Africa, and is the only known area where elephants stand on their hind legs to browse.

When one thinks of a safari, they often picture vast open plains, open-air vehicles, and great herds of animals. A game drive is a classic and unforgettable way to experience the wild. But nothing compares to hiking through the bush with threatening predators and other wildlife in close proximity. A walking safari is a rare opportunity to truly connect with the details of life in the bush, from the smallest creature to the largest predator. The experience is sure to heighten the senses, amplify every sound, magnify every movement, and put the sheer size of large animals into perspective.

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