NamibRand Nature Reserve

The NamibRand Nature Reserve is one of the largest private reserves in southern Africa.

About NamibRand Nature Reserve

The NamibRand Nature Reserve is a remarkable example of conservation and preservation. Created in the 1980s, the reserve was formed from several livestock farms that were transformed into a protected wilderness area, and it has since become one of the largest private reserves in southern Africa. Albi Bruckner, the founder of the reserve, enforced strict regulations on the number of lodges that could be built and how many rooms each one could have, ensuring that the reserve remains exclusive and entirely private for visitors.

Although photographs of the reserve showcase the craggy, mauve mountains, iconic red dunes, and endless stretches of desert, nothing compares to experiencing it firsthand. The vastness of the reserve is humbling and spiritually uplifting. The fairy circles that dot the ground are another fascinating and mysterious aspect of the reserve. There are several theories behind their existence, ranging from the result of poisonous fungi, termites, or even meteor showers. However, no one knows for sure why they are present, adding to the allure of the NamibRand.

While the Big Five are not found in the harsh desert environment of the NamibRand, the dunes are home to a diverse array of wildlife that has adapted in unique and fascinating ways to survive. For example, gemsbok have white bellies that reflect the heat of the sand, and their sophisticated vascular system cools the blood around the brain. The bat-eared foxes have giant ears that help amplify the sound of approaching predators.

Antelopes are the most commonly spotted animals in the reserve, with gemsbok, springbok, kudu, and steenbok silhouetted against the striking red sand. Burchell’s zebras can also be seen amid the dunes, as well as the more elusive black-backed jackals, aardwolves, and African wild cats. Despite being a rare sighting, leopard and cheetah can also be found in small numbers in the reserve.

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