Self Drive through Namibia

Embark on a remarkable 13-day self-drive adventure through Namibia and discover an off-the-grid experience like no other. Your itinerary will take you through the rugged terrain of NamibRand Nature Reserve and its boundless sand dunes, then on to Swakopmund, before culminating in the awe-inspiring wilderness of Etosha.

Journey through Northern Namibia

Discover the untouched beauty of Northern Namibia on this 8-day adventure. With soaring mountains, sweeping sand dunes, and a multitude of desert-adapted species, this itinerary is designed to make the most of the area’s natural wonders. Explore secret corners of the country, search for unique wildlife, and immerse yourself in the local culture. From the rugged landscapes of Kaokoland and the Skeleton Coast to the traditional villages of the Himba people, Northern Namibia never fails to impress even the most worldly of travelers.