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Our Classic Safaris captures the richest and most exotic sceneries and game of Africa

All our properties are hand-picked and offer amazing locations

Our Classic Safaris capture the richest and most exotic sceneries and game of Africa. Whether you choose to explore the Bwindi Forest in Uganda, the spectacular Victoria falls in Zimbabwe, the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, or Lower Zambezi in Zambia we will promise you an amazing experience. Our Classic Safaris bring back to life
ingenious adventure and delight. Wonder-lust first timers to Africa will get a time of your life with our selected Classic Safaris, we provide the most special and exclusive packages across the board.

We always customize the programs regardless of your destination. With you in mind, we handpick elegant properties, perfectly timed adventures, top notch safari guides and magical moments.

Safari lodge in Kenya

Our Classic Safaris offers the best of Africa

Our Classic Safaris offers you unique wilderness moments while staying at high quality properties located in outstanding locations, this ensures you get the best possible experience. Kenya, the home of safaris offers a balanced combination of wildlife, landscapes and culture.  In Tanzania, you will get to see a wide range of animals in some of Africa’s most famous national parks. Combine the safari with the paradise Islands along the Tanzanian coast, stay at small boutique hotels with stunning locations and private beaches. A trip here is kept intimate to ensure that the experiences remain in your memory for the longest time. On the border of Uganda and Rwanda, you will get to see the natural reserve dotted with mountain gorillas. These primate forests are also captivating to birdwatchers from all over Africa and the world. These countries offer a diverse ecosystem of wetlands, humid forests, sprawling savannah, and spectacular lakes which are must-see.

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Our Classic Safari captures the essence of a true adventure. The rich motherland of Africa has it all. A visit to South Africa is exciting and varied with great contrasts, amazing sceneries, abundant wildlife, cool cities, beautiful beaches and good food and drink. Without a doubt Botswana is the crown jewel of all noble safari destinations with unique nature and wildlife! Experience the great Kalahari lions in the south and the large herds of elephants in the Okavango Delta further north. Botswana is a paradise for nature lovers and offers contrasts. When talking of dramatic landscapes Namibia stands on the throne, breathtaking sceneries, which mostly are rough and dry. Scarcely populated is a top destination for those with a keen eye for nature’s beautiful contrasts. Some times forgotten but at the same time famous for the unique walking safaris in South Luangwa, Zambia is boasting its unexploited landscapes and array of landmarks. A trip to Zimbabwe offers an encounter with interesting history, welcoming people, the majestic Victoria Falls, unspoiled nature and exciting wildlife. No matter what country you would like to visit we will ensure that you enjoy a rare mix of adventure, leisure and privacy as all properties in our Classic Safaris are handpicked.