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We know the most native way of experiencing the richness of Africa

A mobile camping safari is such a rich experience of the wild - a rare chance to traverse the motherland of Africa

With the quest of Africa’s early explorers in mind, a mobile camping safari makes a new these phenomenal expeditions of discovery. We will offer you a complete adventure with the help of professional safari guides. Plug off the routine modern way of life by traversing the rustic bush having no modern amenities. Sample the raw bush feeling of traveling across secluded regions and sleeping in makeshift tents in the heart of the wilderness. Since you are using a car during the game drive you are able to cover larger areas, during a weeklong adventure you will be able to visit different game reserves and national parks. Every time you are arriving to a new place, your team will welcome you to your new camp, built only for you. Our accommodation options for the mobile camping safaris range from the most elementary packages all the way to the most lavish and it all comes down to what you prefer. You only need to let us in on your preferences and ideas on your accommodation
expectations and we will have it fixed to your taste.

Some of the features of a typical mobile camping safari include evenings around a campfire, wild-and-free camps deep into the bush, nights spent in tents in the open savannah under the massive umbrella of stars, tracking of nocturnal animal activities and sounds, and so much more that a real African bush can unveil. We have made sure that your interaction with the natural habitat is enhanced and on the other hand, the natural balance to the environment is not interfered with. This we achieve by embracing viable and environmentally friendly practices of operation.

Walking safari is the one most native way of experiencing the richness of Africa

According to us, a walking safari is the one most native way of experiencing the richness of Africa. Our walking safari packages are private, and they can be as exclusive as you need – depending on whether you prefer having a walking safari as a couple, or with family, or as a group. All this is done with complete privacy, with your specific guides, a set of support vehicles and enough safari assistants. We facilitate for a daily coverage of between 6-10 kilometers across the wilderness between, three to seven days. However, you are also allowed to choose a mini-walking safari that just lasts for a day or runs for a single
kilometer. The evenings are mostly characterized by socialization around campfires, barbecues in the night as you interact with each other and share your stories on your phenomenal experiences. Walk with these warm-hearted safari guides whose homes are deep in the wild, let them guide your curious eyes through the magical landscapes, learn and feel their heritage. Only
then can you truly say that you have rubbed shoulders with the motherland of Africa.

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Unique Adventure safaris that can only be described as epic

Camel trekking safari
Imagine being led by an elegant camel train through the wild and rustic plains. A camel trekking safari is such an astounding way of connecting with the African landscapes. The desert animal carries your gear, while you walk beside them, together with the expert native guides from the community. We have in place the most magnificent treks planned out, ranging from short safaris of three days to lengthy treks of one week. This is a family friendly safari in which you get to explore the breathtaking plains of the Laikipia Plateau in Northern Kenya.

Canoeing Safaris
We present selected canoe safaris that can only be described as epic. For a true enthusiast, the only exciting way of viewing wildlife is through a canoe safari. The Zambezi River is hands down, one of the world’s most spectacular rivers to have such a safari on. Not only is it wide and deep, but it is also sandwiched between National Parks on both sides. Your expert guide will take you to strategic places along the river where you will catch the closest view of the hippos, crocodiles, waterbucks, baboons, elephants, and zebras. During the adventure, you will enjoy our exotic bush camps and fantastic cuisine
along the banks of the Zambezi.