Uganda, the pearl of Africa, offers an unmatched combination of rich culture, exciting wildlife and lush landscape. It is mostly famous for being one of the only ten countries in the world where one can visit the endangered mountain gorillas. Another unique phenomenon is the unheard of tree-climbing lions of Uganda. As much as it is landlocked, Uganda boasts being the source of the great and majestic Nile River, from the vast Lake Victoria.

Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa and is located in East Africa. Its landscape’s distinctiveness is mostly characterized by the scenic Ruwenzori Mountain and the vast Lake Victoria, shared with Tanzania and Kenya. The richness of its culture is characterized by its diverse ethnic groups, who come together in the thriving Kampala. It boasts of the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home to over 450 mountain gorillas - the world’s largest population. Mgahinga National Park is a more unknown park in the Southern part of Uganda, even if over 300 gorillas lives there.

When to visit Uganda

There are two peak seasons when you can visit Uganda; dry season and wet season. Running between June to August and December to February.

The dry season is when wildlife viewing is at its peak. Since the vegetation is less dense, most animals are easier to spot as they gather around water sources. It is also the best time for primate walks in the lush forests, whose canopies open up more to the sunny skies.

The wet season runs between March to May, and September to November. During this season, the vast savannah is greener and is filled with newborn animals.

Activities in Uganda

What to do in Uganda


Relax in the spa


Catch the sunset

Game drive

4x4 safari vehicle

Visit Dian Fossey’s Grave

Located in a beautiful meadow

Kyambura Buffer Walk

Tree planting project

Boat Cruises

Explore The Kazinga Channel

Chimpanzee Tracking

Walk in the rain forest

Waterfall Walk

The forest is home to 350 bird species

River Walk

Beautiful walk through the forest

Visit Bwindi Bar

Enjoy local tapas

Tea Processing Tour

Learn about how tea is grown

Private Gorilla tracking

Exclusive experience

Traditional dance

Batwa Group

Cultural exchange

Batwa community

Bird watching

The art of bird spotting

Gorilla Tracking

Adventure through the rain forest

Golden Monkey

Meet the last Golden Monkey

Volcano hiking

Climb the Virunga volcanoes