In Zambia, you can feel like a first-class explorer, down the Zambezi River and through the Luangwa Valley. Here you can experience the Victoria Falls, wildlife and raw nature - all in one. Zambia is a paradise for safari enthusiasts. The country is still a relatively undiscovered safari destination among international tourists. Here you really get to experience the wild Africa at its best. Zambia consists of several unique national parks with rich wildlife and raw wilderness.

Zambia is a beautiful country located in South - Central Africa, is home to the Victoria Falls, natively called Mosi - oa - Tunya or "Smoke That Thunders", the wild Zambezi River, breathtaking lakes and wetlands, abundant natural resources including minerals, wildlife, forestry, fresh water and fertile, productive and lush land. South Luangwa National Park is one of the premier National Parks in Zambia, other famous parks is Lower Zambezi National Park and Kafue National Park. In Zambia you will be able to explore unattached wilderness.

When to visit Zambia

Zambia is characterized by seasons of drought and rainy season. The temperature in summer varies from 25 ° C to 35 ° C and in winter from 6 ° C to 24 ° C.

The "dry season" is from May to October and is the best time for safaris. During this period, the temperature is also comfortable during the day (although in September and October it can get very hot). In the period March to June, there is most water and pressure in the waterfalls and Victoria Falls is at its finest.

“The rainy season” starts from December to April. This period is called "Green Season" and is characterized by the vegetation becoming dense and the animals more difficult to find as there is water to drink everywhere. During this period there are also some safari lodges that have to close due to flooding.

Activities in Zambia

What to do in Zambia

The sampan

Magical dining experience

Gorge Swing

70m free fall

River Rafting

The River God

Helicopter flight

Flight of Angels

Victoria Falls

Feel like one of the early explorers


Catch the sunset

Night Game Drive

Explore the wilderness by night

Game drive

4x4 vehicle safari

Bird watching

The art of bird spotting

Walking safari

Tracking safari on foot


Reconnect with nature

Boat Cruises

Enjoy the mighty Zambezi River

Chiawa Cultural Village

Chiawa cultural experience


One of the world’s top game fish


Explore the wilderness from above